About Mountain City Realty

My wife and I moved to Colorado Springs in 2010 to raise our two amazing daughters in the Rocky Mountains. We love creation and all of the adventure and fun that the outdoors have to offer. When time permits we hike, ride bikes, run with our dogs or simply go for a drive through the rugged country all around us. We also enjoy the friendly people that we meet while enjoying every inch of Colorado. It has been an amazing place to plant our family!

We love our Mountain City!

High quality services communities trust

As a Realtor my desire is to serve you, my customers. The process of buying or selling Real Estate is about you first, your dreams, your wants and your needs. We put you first, then we help develop a clear vision and goals that will help you navigate the Real Estate process.The values of service, honesty, trust and family have always been at the center of my business and life. Those values are what attracted me to Kenney & Company, a trusted, family built real estate business that has worked hard to earn the community’s trust for 30 years. I am honored to join them and serve you, our valued customers here in Colorado.