Less is more! Sometimes less house means less maintenance, less bills, less stress, less mortgage payment. Which all lead to more, more family time, more volunteer time, more community time, more travel time. In the in end in means more quality of life.

Downsizing doesn’t mean just tiny houses, although we can get you one of those if you would like. It may just be needing less to to care for, or needing to spend less each mont. Whatever your need for this chapter we would love to help by selling your current place for the most the market will give you and finding your next home within your new budget.

So let’s get started, tell us what you are looking for and a little more about you.

Find Us A Home to Downsize our Life

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After we find your new home together ask us about our One Year peace of mind plan, super valuable, but free to you for trusting us and including us in your story!