Congratulations! Buying your first home is exciting! It is the beginning of amazing memories that you will cherish for a life time. We want the process of getting that first set of keys to be a great memory and not just an ordeal the you survived. We have three pieces of advice that solve many of the problems that can arise before they even start:

  1. Get your loan first. This is the most important step. Having your loan first gives you several advantages, regardless of market conditions: One, it ensures that you do not try and purchase more home than you can afford, protecting your investment and ability to keep it. Two, it helps narrow your search so you are not wasting time looking at homes outside of your bracket. Three, it allows you to make a fast offer and close a deal smoothly and quickly, getting you home sooner
  2. Never waive a home inspection. After you have found your home there will be an opportunity to have it inspected. It is much cheaper to pay for the inspection (typically between $200-$400) than it is to buy a home with thousands of dollars needed in repairs.
  3. Never settle for just a house. While you may not be able to afford your dream home as a first house, you never want to settle for a house that is need of too much repair or in an area you are unsure of. We will work hard for you to find that home that is in your budget, is good quality, and in a safe place for this chapter of your life to begin.

So let’s get started, tell us what you are looking for and a little more about you:


If you do not already have a lender in Colorado Springs we highly recommend Charity Finkle at Academy Mortgage to begin this process:

Website: AcademyMortgage.com
Direct: (719) 522-6955
Mobile: (719) 659-5292
Email: charadie.finkle@academymortgage.com

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After we find your new home together ask us about our One Year peace of mind plan, super valuable, but free to you for trusting us and including us in your story!