Hear that? No traffic, no sirens, just birds chirping, deer munching the freshly dew covered grass, a rooster in the distance and the braying of a horse. Ahhhh, the country life. Early crisp mornings, fresh air, the squeak of a gate as you enter the turn out to greet your 1500 pound furry friend. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

From five pine filled acres in Black Forest to 35 acres in Calhan this land is calling you. Let us serve you by finding the perfect stretch of land for your hands to get dirty in and your soul to find peace in. Do you need a barn? Pastures? Fences? Big home or small? Down a dirt road or off the edge of a paved one? Let’s find it!

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So let’s get started, tell us what you are looking for and a little more about you.

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After we find your new home together ask us about our One Year peace of mind plan, super valuable, but free to you for trusting us and including us in your story!