Ready to Sell your home? We would love to help!

As a seller, we can help you decide what to do to your home for the best presentation during a sale. We bring 20 years of experience and business ownership in the building and remodeling trades to your service! We stay current with remodeling trends and values. You do not have to spend a fortune to help your home sell. Along with simple and practical suggestions we have several contacts in the remodeling and design community to help you through the process. In addition we offer a strong marketing plan utilizing the latest in social media strategies, technology, incredible photography and video.

3 Rules for selling your home:

Light, Bright and Open

Part of being in Colorado is loving our beautiful outdoors!
The more you invite the outside in, the better and bigger you help your house feel.


We all love our knick·knacks, but that is just it, you love yours and I love mine.
A Buyer would love to see the space where their knick-knacks can be displayed!

Clean, Touch up Paint

Nothing says “Welcome!” like a clean home that is crisp and fresh!
Cleaning and touching up are cheap fixes that could add money and speed to your selling process!

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